Toys. Tactics. $10,000 for the taking.

Gizmo Toys, Inc. the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Adam and Jessica Ramirez, has been successfully creating high-quality, cutting-edge electronic toys since 2001. They’ve done quite well for themselves but need help deciphering which direction they should take moving forward in several areas of their business. That’s why they’ve reached out to you.

In the 2015 AICPA Accounting Competition you’ll have the opportunity to display your business acumen and hone your strategic savvy to help Gizmo make the best possible changes through this complex company crossroad. The most promising plans will be presented in North Carolina, where three management accounting teams will each walk away with $10,000—and compete for cash for their colleges.

Meet Your Semi-finalists

Accounting is my LIFO
University of Texas at Dallas
Members: Lesley C., Ahmad N, Naureen B, Thomas M
Accounting Owls
University of Puerto Rico at Humacao
Members: Yaritza A., Rosa G., Gina L.
Augustana Avengers
Augustana College
Members: Justin F, Andrew B, Mike B, Quinn F
Champlain Consultants
University of Vermont
Members: Stephanie P., Megan K, Jenna W, Daniel F
Clarkson Golden Knights
Clarkson University
Members: Ryan P, Michael M, Michael H
Ellsworth, Green & Gold
The College at Brockport, State University of New York
Members: Dawn F, Taylor F, Hannah H, Mike O
Extraordinary Gaines-ville
University of Florida
Members: Lauren G, Alexis B, Matthew H, Lee P
Global Lobos
North Carolina State University
Members: Pablo H, Morgan W, Iryna K, Justin K
Stockton University
Members: Evelyn L, Veronica C, Ryan M
Let's Get Fiscal
University of Kansas
Members: Morgan L, Eric H, Ryan H
NorthWest Accountants
University of Portland
Members: Isaac M, Lance C, Connor W
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Members: Kevin C., Daniel D, Marion C, Andrea D
The Centennials
Prairie View A&M University
Members: Tho N., Eric M, Shelbi S, Michael W
The IncrediREBELS
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Members: Zhiheng X, Timothy M, Matt S, Annie B
University of Vermont
Members: Michael R., Frank C, Alexa K, James H.


The semi-finalists are fast at work, solving even more business challenges and making sure they’re ready for their close ups. Once their videos are in, our judges will dig in and you’ll get to weigh in during the public vote starting on November 4.