Accounting Competition

Toys. Tactics. $10,000 for the taking.

Gizmo Toys, Inc., the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Adam and Jessica Ramirez, had been successfully creating high-quality, cutting-edge electronic toys since 2001. But they needed help deciphering which direction to take moving forward in several areas of their business. The 2015 AICPA Accounting Competition gave students the opportunity to display their business ac-umen and hone their strategic savvy to help Gizmo through this complex company crossroad. After putting in a lot of critical thinking and hard work, three teams rose to the top. Each of them presented their plans at the finals in North Carolina and walked away with $10,000—plus cash for their colleges.

Meet Your Champions

1st Place

Let's Get Fiscal
University of Kansas
Members: Morgan L, Eric H, Ryan H

2nd Place

NorthWest Accountants
University of Portland
Members: Isaac M, Lance C, Connor W

3rd Place

Ellsworth, Green & Gold
The College at Brockport, State University of New York
Members: Dawn F, Taylor F, Hannah H, Mike O

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Funding the finals.

Ever wonder where the award money for the AICPA Accounting Competition comes from? Glad you asked. The AICPA Foundation cordially supplies all the spoils for the victorious teams.